How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Fibromyalgia

Those who suffer from fibromyalgia often do so quietly and without much support; usually do to the fact that their ailment has gone undiagnosed. The symptoms of this confusing, often under-reported, disease has debilitating effects on its sufferers though it took the medical community decades to even recognize it as a true illness. Until its hard-to-pinpoint symptoms were given real medical weight, sufferers were often made to feel as if what they were dealing with was psychosomatic and that they were showing more signs of being a hypochondriac than actually being sick. These symptoms, which can vary greatly from patient to patient, include:

All over and persistent muscle pain.
Sleep difficulties
Brain fog and forgetfulness
Morning stiffness
Muscle cramping and weakness
Digestive orders
Headaches or Migraines
Problems with balance
Itching and dry skin

Recent studies have shown that alternative care methods, including chiropractic treatments, can greatly reduce the widespread muscle pain caused by fibromyalgia. By allowing the proper nerve signals to freely communicate with the bodies various symptoms, chiropractic adjustments release pain-inducing tension trapped in muscles, allowing sufferers to experience drug-free symptom relief. Those who suffer from the widespread pain of fibromyalgia are more able to experience better mobility after visiting a chiropractor in Chandler, which is key in keeping stiffness and pain at bay.

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