Genetic Testing

With MyOrigin from NutriDyn, we take your unique DNA testing results and analyze them to give you a personalized, scientific, easy-to-under­stand Health Action Plan, a powerful lifestyle plan that will help you make all the right choices. We base our recommendations on comprehensive and ongoing re­views of the most up-to-date research. We go beyond the data to give you tools you can use.

With your personalized Health Action Plan, get immediate, actionable recommendations that can optimize your health & wellness based on 5 domains.

  1. Nutrition Strategies – Diet and nutrition strategies, including specific foods, to help you overcome genetic predisposi­tions and live your healthiest life. 
  2. Lifestyle Tips & Stress Management – Recommendations to optimize your mental well­ness, including stress management, sleep tech­niques, and other important lifestyle strategies. 
  3. Supplement Advice – Dietary vitamins and supplements, including type and amount, to help you support your optimal health.
  4. Exercise Strategies – Specific exercise strategies, including cardiovas­cular, muscular, strength, and overall physical activity, to help you improve your performance and recover faster. 
  5. Further Testing – Additional testing recommendations to see ex­actly how your genetic predispositions may affect you, so that you’re equipped with the information you need to take charge of your health. 

Begin Your Journey Towards Genetic Optimization Today.

You can use your initial DNA sample to order any current or future products at any time. All you have to do is choose a product and get your results within minutes.

Choose Between Four Specialized DNA Kits:

  1. Power Up (Health Enrichment) – A jumpstart package giving you a bit of everything.
  2. Control (Weight Management) – Health & weight management starts here.
  3. Peak (Endurance Performance) – An endurance athlete’s competitive edge
  4. Optimize (Nutrition Optimization) – A deep-Dive into heath and nutrition

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